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Barber Attacked With Baseball Bat Over ‘Messed up' Haircut: Police

What to Know

  • A barber got "aggressive" after a client refused to pay for a "messed up" haircut, the shop's manager says
  • Police say the client's wife and friend attacked the barber when he followed the client to his car
  • The shop's manager says the barber has been fired; police are searching for the client and his two alleged accomplices

A barber was punched and pummeled with a baseball bat after one of his clients refused to pay for a haircut he didn't like, according to police, but people who work at the Bronx barbershop say the barber may be to blame. 

The client has been coming to the Diamond Cuts barbershop on East Tremont Avenue in the Tremont neighborhood since he was 5 years old, according to employees, but a fight broke out after he refused to pay the barber and hit him with a brush, police said. 

The NYPD wants to question the client and his two alleged accomplices; they include the client's wife, who allegedly hit the barber twice, and his friend, who allegedly struck the barber twice with a baseball bat. 

The fight started over a "messed up haircut," the shop's manager said. The client refused to pay the $15, hit the barber with a brush and then ran from the shop, he said. 

The manager said others in the shop offered to pay for the haircut, but the barber wanted it from the client and wouldn't let him leave, even holding his car door as he tried to get away. 

The barber, who had only been working at the shop a few weeks, then swung at the client and "rouged him up," the manager said. 

During the fight, the client's wife and friend got out of the car and attacked the barber, police said. 

The 53-year-old barber suffered a broken elbow and needed 15 stitches to his face near his left eye after the Feb. 16 attack, police said. 

Cops now want to question the client and his two friends before deciding whether or not to charge them. 

The three attackers fled in a 2014 Nissan Altima with the New Jersey license plate number E24-FZX, according to police.

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