Man Robs NYC Bank for $8K, Leaves 2 More Empty-Handed: NYPD

The NYPD is looking for the man they say robbed a Bronx bank and tried to get more cash from two others.

Police said the man hit three banks over the course of about a week and half, making off with $8,000. However, two of the banks denied him any cash. 

The unidentified man's crime spree began back on Dec. 4, when he walked up the teller window at the Capital One bank on White Plains Road, passed a note demanding cash and said it was a robbery, according to police. But when the teller refused, he ran out.

Then, a few days later on Dec. 9, the same man went into the Chase Bank on East 170th Street and passed the teller the another note demanding cash, the NYPD said. The teller gave him $8,000, and he quickly fled.

Then, just after noon on Saturday, the man struck again, going into a Capital One bank on East Fordham Road. Again, authorities said he approached the teller window and passed a note demanding cash. For a second time, the teller refused and the man ran out.

No weapons or injuries reported in the robbery or attempted robberies, according to police. Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers. 

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