Bagel-Wearing Pigeon Gives Pizza Rat a Run for Its Money

This pigeon is giving pizza rat a run for its money.

A photo uploaded to Reddit by user connierubirosa on Sunday shows a pigeon perched outside a park wearing a bagel around its chest like a necklace.

It's not clear where exactly the photo was taken, but the image was uploaded to the NYC subreddit forum with the caption, "Most New York photo I've ever taken."

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It's also unclear why the pigeon is donning the unusual fashion statement, but Gothamist and other websites have posted other photos of pigeons wearing baked goods around their necks in the past. 

It's the latest in a string of humorous sightings featuring New York City's wildlife with some of the city's iconic foods.

Last month, social media users were fascinated by the now-famous pizza rat, which was caught on camera dragging a slice of pizza down a set of subway stairs. Video of the rat garnered more than 8 million views on YouTube.

And last week a picture of a raccoon chowing down on pizza in Central Park looked to become the Big Apple's latest culinarily inclined rodent star.

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