New York

Inflate a Life-Size Pub in Your Backyard in Minutes

The kids may have their bounce houses, but how about letting the grown-ups have some fun with a blow-up bar? 

That's the concept behind Inflatable Pubs, an Irish company that's been making customized life-sized pubs and sending them worldwide. They blow up in about five minutes on a flat grassy patch, and can even come with a working bar that pours stout beer. 

The inflatable pub is meant to mimic the feel of a real pub, complete with fake brickwork, chimneys, fireplace and light fixtures. 

A spokeswoman for the company says the company recently designed a "McGregor Pub" that was shipped to Las Vegas ahead of the big boxing match last month for a "very famous celebrity family." And soon the company will start rolling out Das Bier Haus Inflatable in time for Oktoberfest. 

And people who aren't necessarily willing to shell out thousands for these blow-up backyards pubs can still rent them -- there are rental partners in New York and New Jersey, the company says. 

In Boston, one company has turned blow-up pub rentals into a full-fledged catering business: The Paddy Wagon Pub brings the inflata-bar to the home and sets up a full range of drinks and Irish food like Shepherds Pie, soda bread and curry fries, and even provide live music, Irish step dancers and a "pour your own pint" demonstration, Food & Wine reports. 

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