Firefighters Rescue Newborn Baby From Burning Home in Queens: FDNY

A fire lieutenant with a long history of FDNY roots in his family rescued a newborn baby from a burning home in Queens Tuesday night. 

The 3-week-old baby was rescued from the upper floor of a burning home at 34th Avenue and 106th Street in Corona at about 9:30 p.m. 

When Lt. Adam Vilagos arrived with other firefighters, there was no visibility inside the smoke-filled home, he told reporters Wednesday. He actually wound up bumping into the crib, and that's when he heard faint noises.  

"I reached in, I felt the baby, and I just grabbed him and took off," he said. 

Vilago handed the baby off to EMS on the scene and returned to fighting the fire. The video above shows the paramedic who received the baby going into the ambulance with other EMTs. 

"It's what we're trained to do. I'm glad it worked out," Vilagos said. 

"It makes me feel proud to be a firefighter, and proud of my guys and the job we all did," he added. 

Vilagos also is the nephew of Fire Commissioner Daniel Nigro, who spoke from the Queens firehouse where Vilagos is based. 

"Here we are at 316, a firehouse where my father and his grandfather worked as a lieutenant more than 50 years ago," Nigro said. "I am especially proud today of Adam." 

The baby's aunt expressed her gratitude that the baby was OK. The baby is now at Cornell Hospital in stable condition. 

No one else was hurt in the fire. Authorities are investigating a cause.

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