Baby Found Drowning in Tub After Water Leaks Into Downstairs Apartment

The father realized his baby was drowning when a downstairs neighbor reported water was seeping into her home

A 1-year-old girl was found nearly drowning in a bathtub in a Bronx apartment building Wednesday evening after downstairs neighbors noticed water leaking into their home.

The baby is in critical condition at Bronx Lebanon Hospital, police say. 

Daisy Moran, the neighbor who noticed the leak at the home on Selwyn Avenue, told NBC 4 New York, "all of a sudden I see water coming down, like a waterfall, a lot of water."

She called the building superintendent and sent her son upstairs to find out what was happening.

"They told him there's water coming into the apartment below. He said, 'Really? Let me go check,'" said Moran.

"The next thing you know, he started screaming and saying, 'Help me, the baby!'" she said.

Another neighbor who lives next door said she saw the father racing out of the building with his daughter in his arms.

"He was running down the stairs," and the baby appeared "black and blue," said Mily Davila.

The dad told Davila that he'd briefly stepped away to go to the kitchen and left the girl and her 3-year-old brother in the bathroom.

"They never leave the baby alone," said Davila. "He's a good father, good people."

Investigators were seen coming and going from the third-floor apartment Wednesday evening. The father has not been accused of any wrongdoing, police say.

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