NJ Mom Delivers Baby With Help of FaceTime

Keyanna Rivera had what most moms would consider an easy labor - made easier with the help of FaceTime.

"Everything happened so fast," she said Friday. "I think we got there at 11:30 - and he was out by 11:50."

Rivera had just arrived for a routine appointment at her doctor's office in Newark when her water broke. Her doctor, Meena Devalla, was at the hospital, and so the only staff on hand were the office medical assistants.

"His head was just hanging there," she said of little Raphael. "Yes, he was ready." And there was no stopping him.

Rivera's husband held up a cell phone during the unexpected delivery so that the doctor could give her staff step-by-step instructions.

Oswaida Torres, one of the assistants, had never delivered a baby - or used FaceTime.

"I was a little nervous," she said. "Thank you to the Lord that everything worked out and mommy and baby are doing great."

After it all, Rivera said she has a new outlook on technology. And she got more than one nice surprise.

"My husband," she said, "I'm surprised he didn't hit the floor."

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