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Queens Baby Boy in Hospital, Police Investigating

A baby boy is hospitalized after sources say he was shaken so violently that he's no longer showing any brain activity. 
The 11-month-old boy, Jeremiah Callaghan, was taken first to Jamaica Hospital from his home in Springfield Gardens, Queens, then transported to North Shore LIJ Cohen's Children Medical Center from his home 

A baby boy is hospitalized in a "grave" condition after becoming ill at his Queens home last Friday.

Police found the 11-month-old boy, Jeremiah Callaghan, unresponsive at his home in Springfield Gardens just after midnight.

NBC 4 originally reported law enforcement sources who said doctors believed the infant's injuries may have been caused by being violently shaken. They said doctors reported bruising on his arms and back, and hemorrhaging behind the eyes.

But at a press conference Tuesday, police said they were now looking at whether the baby's requirement to drink a special infant formula might have played a role in his condition.

Police said the baby was given CPR when he was in respiratory failure, and that could have caused the hemorrhaging behind the eyes.

His 54-year-old grandfather told police the child became unresponsive after drinking formula, then vomiting, according to police. 

Police said his grandparents had requested an attorney so they were now not speaking with the couple and were insteading dealing with doctors and the Queens District Attorney. Baby Jeremiah remained in a "grave" condition Tuesday, they said.

The baby was taken first to Jamaica Hospital, then transported to Northwell LIJ Cohen's Children Medical Center, police say.

The child had no other medical history. 

Police say they haven't made an arrest and that their investigation is continuing. 

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