New York’s Dancing Crossing Guard Tears Up the Pavement All Day, Every Day

Someone get this woman a stage.

This might just be New York's funkiest crossing guard.

Esther Bishop was captured busting a move as she worked the crossing Wednesday afternoon in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

While guiding people across the zebra crossing at Lott Ave and Amboy Street, Bishop was simultaneously getting down to what could only be a funky, funky beat.

Bishop, who has been a crossing guard for nine years, said she dances every day and that the grooving makes her do her job better.

"I love to praise God on my long as I keep my mind on him and praising him I do my job very well," Bishop said. "Love is spread when you can dance and be happy and smile no matter what, so I'm going to keep dancing, keep dancing until he bring me home--hallelujah!" 

Bishop shimmied people across the road and held up cars while wiggling her hips.

Brownsville residents appeared used to her pirouetting on the pavement.

Locals told NBC 4 New York she danced "all day" and it put smiles on their faces.

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