New York

Pizza? Meh — This Rat Dragged an Avocado on Subway Tracks

Anyone with a weakness for guacamole, avocado toast and sushi rolls can sympathize

World, meet pizza rat's health-conscious cousin: avocado rat. 

The latest foot-hauling rodent was spotted with half of a scooped avocado at the Greenpoint Avenue subway station in Greenpoint.

The bright green fruit stood out against the funky brown hue of the subway tracks as the rat scurried along in a video posted to Instagram.

“Even the rats in #nyc are on trend. Hope he finds some toast,” user jesslena_edwards captioned the video, adding the hashtag #avocadorat.

At one point in the video, avocado rat bumps into a fork as it carts along its prized possession. But it's having none of that. Like any true lover of avocado, it has no time for formalities. It's avocado time. 

Avocado rat joins a long list of subway creatures spotted with New York staple foods. Earlier this month, two rats were seen fighting over a piece of pizza crust. And who could forget taco squirrel, or bagel pigeon, or crust rats, or pizza raccoon?

Then there’s the brazen rodent who started it all, pizza rat, who confidently dragged an entire slice of pizza down a flight of subway steps and found his way into New Yorkers' hearts. The video of pizza rat went viral in 2015, garnering more than 10 million views on YouTube and setting a precedent for all subway-dwelling critters to come. 

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