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New Jersey SWAT, Police Surprise Autistic Boy at Birthday Party

A New Jersey police department and its SWAT team swarmed a trampoline park to surprise a special fan Friday. 

Six-year-old Christopher Layton waas celebrating his birthday at the Skyzone trampoline park in Lakewood when police officers and SWAT members began streaming into the gym, suited up and bearing gifts.

"Happy birthday, buddy!" one of the officers greets the surprised boy, who then shakes each of his visitor's hands. 

Christopher got to check out an armored SWAT vehicle, received police swag and badges, and even got a special SWAT-themed cake as officers sang "happy birthday" to him. 

Lt. Greg Staffordsmith told The Asbury Park Press that Christopher's babysitter had reached out to the department to tell them how much he loves SWAT. 

"She told us he has a SWAT uniform and goes out to help us catch the bad guys," Staffordsmith told The Asbury Park Press. 

The department's new police chief, Gregory Meyer, planned the event. Staffordsmith said most of the officers who attended the party were off duty and went just to surprise him. 

Christopher's mother, Kristen Layton, told NBC 4 New York, "We are so overhwhelmed with the love, support and generosity of Lakewood Police and SWAT team."

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