Police Audio After Times Square Crash Captures Panic as Car Runs Through Crowd

At least one person was killed and nearly two dozen hurt when a wrong-way driver slammed into a crowd of pedestrians in Times Square Thursday.

Early indications from law enforcement sources are that the incident is an isolated one and not connected to terrorism. Even so, with a recent history of deadly car-versus-pedestrian terror incidents around the world, the initial law enforcement response was intense, perhaps fearing the worst.

[NATL-NY] In Pictures: Car Slams into Crowd in Times Square

"Times Square we got a car running people over on (42nd and 7th), going northbound on Seventh Avenue, running people over!" an officer yells on police radio.

Later the need for mass assistance becomes clear as one officer says "notify everyone!

"Car stopped, we need multiple ambulances .. need here ASAP!"

Listen to the full incident audio below:

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