Armed Robbers Get Away With Thousands in Cash in 2 NYC Stick ups in an Hour: Police

Two armed men are being linked to a pair of robberies in Brooklyn last month that happened just an hour apart, police say.

Authorities say on July 27, a book store and laundromat in Carnarsie were held up by the two men who ended up getting away with thousands of dollars in cash and lottery tickets.

Just before 1 p.m. that day, the duo walked into the Choo Choo laundromat and forced the worker into the back office at gun point, police said. The suspects took about $500 from the register and ran out of the store in an unknown direction, according to the NYPD. Nobody was injured in the stick up.

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Police two armed got away with thousands in two robberies in Brooklyn.

About an hour later, police say the same two men pushed their way into the Book Card as the employee was closing the store at gun point and punched the worker in the mouth. The pair took about $3,500 in lottery tickets and $8,000 in cash, officials said.

The duo then ran away, while the worker who was punched suffered a cut and swelling. The victim refused medical attention.

Surveillance footage of the two 20-something-year-old suspects has been released to the public in the hopes of catching the duo.

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