Women Being Taken to the Cleaners

Dry Cleaning is expensive, but if you're a woman be prepared to pay even more. Women’s shirts often cost much more to launder than men’s, even if they are smaller and made of the same material.
Many women accept the higher prices, but not Janet Floyd.  In November, Janet and her husband brought their nearly identical blue Brooks Brothers oxfords to Best Cleaners in Chelsea. The shirts came back clean, but Janet's cost $8.75,  and her husband's was only seven bucks, acccording to the New York TImes.

When Janet called the cleaners she was told that her shirt had been dry cleaned, which is more expensive, because Best does not launder women’s shirts.

She now takes her shirts to London Cleaners on East 33rd Street, five blocks from her home where they charge her and her husband $7 a shirt.
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