Another Miracle on Hudson Video Game Lands Online

Game focuses on avoiding geese

If you've mastered the first "Miracle on the Hudson" game, you might want to try a second Internet game based on the now-famous landing of US Airways Flight 1549.

"Double Bird Strike" focuses it's game play on avoiding geese and landing the plane safely on the Hudson River. The objective is simple: avoid the flying geese. Move your plane from left to right, but hit two birds and your goose is cooked.

Gamers earn points for avoiding flocks of geese and for making perfect landings on the Hudson. After each landing you're given a score and a member of the flight crew gives a sarcastic critique of your performance.

"Double Bird Strike" was produced by Dominic Tocci, who either has a good sense of humor or a vendetta against geese.

Here's how the game is described on

"When flight 1549 infamously crash-landed into the Hudson, we all learned one very valuable lesson: geese are bad asses that are not to be messed with. Can you pilot the plane and avoid the migratory miscreants?"

 "Hero on the Hudson" was the first game based on the splash landing of Flight 1543. It left geese out of the equation, simply requiring gamers to keep the plane level as it landed in the Hudson River

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