Hoboken Residents Wary as Andrea Approaches

Cities like Hoboken that are prone to flooding are preparing for the season's first tropical storm

Hoboken residents are nervously eyeing the approach of Tropical Storm Andrea, wary of the potential flooding problems that the rain could bring after they lived through Sandy. 

Andrea, the first tropical storm of the Atlantic hurricane season, is expected to cause flooding in low-lying areas of the tri-state, like Hoboken.

The city sent a text message alerting residents that a flash flood watch is in effect Friday and Saturday, with up to 4 inches of rain possible.

Hoboken residents still have vivid memories of the damage inflicted by Sandy.

Brian Smalleys, who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars repairing his home after Sandy, said he has trouble sleeping when it rains heavily now.

“I just get nervous, I don’t want it to happen again,” he said. 

While Andrea isn’t expected to be anywhere near as powerful as Sandy, downtown Hoboken’s streets tend to flood even when it rains a little.  

Rashgene Gazi-White, another Hoboken resident, said receiving the text from the city with the flash-flood alert caused "anxiety" because it made him remember Sandy.

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