Amsterdam News' Obama Edition Draws Harlem Crowd

Copies scalped for up to $20 around New York City

Hundreds of people have been lining up in Harlem, eager to buy the latest edition of the weekly Amsterdam News, which celebrates Barack Obama's victory.

The paper -- with a circulation of about 25,000 at 75 cents apiece -- went to press Thursday. By Friday morning, more than 35,000 extra copies were printed. The lines formed outside its offices on Frederick Douglass Boulevard, with copies being scalped for as much as $20 apiece around New York City.

The Amsterdam News was founded in 1909, publishing columns by big names like W.E.B. DuBois, Adam Clayton Powell Jr. and Malcolm X.

On Wednesday, newsstands from Seattle to New York quickly sold out of daily newspapers declaring Obama the nation's first black president.

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