Alleged Kidnapper Caught on Camera Dragging Woman Off Subway Train

The man is facing unlawful imprisonment charges after the incident in the Bronx on Sunday


A Bronx man is facing kidnapping charges after police say he was caught on camera grabbing a woman off a subway train, according to the NYPD.

Police say Sonny Alloway, 48, was charged with unlawful imprisonment after allegedly carrying the woman off a 6 train at the Morrison Avenue-Soundview station over the weekend. Gothamist first reported on the case.

Warning: Video contains graphic language.

Video of the incident was posted to Twitter. It shows the suspect sitting across from the woman, trying to talk to her and get her attention while she and another man are sleeping on the train.

As the train approaches the subway stop and the doors open, the suspect grabs the woman and takes her off the train.

The woman is able to escape and runs back on the train, where she wakes up the man sleeping and yells to him that someone tried to grab her.

The two then go to the subway doors and start to yell at the suspect, before the doors start to close.

The NYPD says that someone called 911 after it happened and the man was arrested at the scene.

Warning: Video contains graphic language and images.

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