New York

Trending Shoe Brand With Leonardo DiCaprio Link Opens Enormous Flagship Store in New York City

You may have noticed them on the subway, under the desk of a colleague or perhaps on the feet of Leonardo DiCaprio. Now Allbirds -- the sustainable footwear brand founded in San Francisco -- is set to open a massive flagship in SoHo. 

CNBC reports that Allbirds is opening a 4,800 square-foot flagship store on Spring Street on Tuesday.

The footwear company known for making sneakers out of renewable wool and flip-flops out of sugar has slowly been gaining traction in North America with stores in San Francisco and Toronto, and a temporary store on New York's Prince Street. 

Leonardo DiCaprio is a recent investor in the brand. Last month, the actor tweeted that he had become an investor in Allbirds. 

The company is set  to open eight more stores in the U.S. over the next year, including in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C., CNBC reports.

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