Michelle Kim

Man Kidnapped in NYC as Lamborghini Deal Turns Bad; 2 Arrested: Sources

Two men are facing charges for allegedly kidnapping a minor league baseball player in Manhattan over a Lamborghini deal gone bad, law enforcement sources familiar with the case tell News 4. 

Norberto Susini, 29, was with a friend who sells high-end cars on Wednesday and the two met up with two prospective buyers of a Lamborghini at a hotel on 45th and Broadway. 

Law enforcement sources initially told News 4 that Susini is the nephew of former Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez. A spokesman for Rodriguez later clarified that Susini is the son of a late girlfriend of Rodriguez's half-brother Joe. 

At some point during the meeting at the midtown hotel, the situation turned south: Money was exchanged for the Lamborghini, but there was a miscommunication in the business transaction, the law enforcement sources said.  

The buyers and Susini ended up in a car -- not the Lamborghini -- and the men refused to let Susini go, the sources said.

The men later walked Susini back to the same hotel where they met, and they encountered detectives from NYPD's Major Case Squad in the lobby, sources said. Those detectives took the men into custody. 

Susini was not hurt.

The men are facing a court appearance Thursday.

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