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DA: LaGuardia Airport Worker Caught Trying to Film Woman in Bathroom Using Cellphone

A woman heard the alarm buzz and spotted the hidden phone

What to Know

  • LaGuardia airport worker Samuel Rodriguez has been accused of using his cellphone to record women in the bathroom.
  • A woman entered the single stall and heard a sound, prosecutors say. She then found the phone hidden in the paper towel dispenser.
  • The camera of the phone was allegedly angled to capture anyone using the bathroom directly across from the paper towels.

A LaGuardia Airport worker has been arrested and charged for allegedly using his cellphone to record women using the bathroom Wednesday.

Prosecutors say a woman entered a single stall unisex bathroom right after the worker, 39-year-old Samuel Rodriguez of College Point, had stepped out. The woman heard a sound and spotted a cellphone hidden within the paper towel dispenser, the Queens district attorney's office says. 

The victim picked up the phone and was able to play back the most recent video, which apparently showed Rodriguez placing the phone inside the paper towel dispenser, said the D.A.'s office.

The phone camera was angled to capture anyone who was using the toilet directly across from the paper towel dispenser, according to prosecutors. 

When Rodriguez was approached by law enforcement, he allegedly responded by stating, "I know what this is about and I’m sorry. I was trying to video pretty girls. I was going to masturbate to it at home." 

Rodriguez is charged with unlawful surveillance, a felony. Attorney information wasn't immediately available.

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