Airport Pair Land in Jail After Looting Luggage

Face up to four years in prison

If you’ve ever come through JFK and wondered what happened to your camera with all your vacation pics, or had the feeling that someone had pawed through your panties while you weren’t looking, you may have these guys to thank.

Two air-headed airport workers at Kennedy were captured by security cameras in a sting designed to catch thieves stealing electronic equipment that had been planted by authorities, the Daily News reported.
Brian Burton, 27, of Queens, and Antwon Simmons, 26, of Brooklyn, stole a laptop and cell phone from “decoy luggage” at the airport, Port Authority officials told the paper.
Burton, in clear violation of his sacred duties as an Transportation Security Administration officer, was videotaped on July 7 rummaging through the planted Miami-bound suitcase in a screening room, while Simmons, a baggage handler, kept lookout, officials said.
The alleged crooks also switched tags on the luggage, in some sort of ploy to pull off the perfect crime, the News reported.
Each faces up to four years in prison if convicted.
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