5 Airbags Stolen From Cars on Quiet Brooklyn Block Overnight

Authorities urge residents to park in well lit areas

Nearly half a dozen residents in one Brooklyn neighborhood say thieves punched out their door locks and stole their airbags overnight. 

Five cars, all Hondas, on a single Park Slope street were broken into; residents say they found their cars with mangled steering wheels. 

"What did they do to my car! I'm very angry and upset that this just happened," said Kristen Schwarz. 

The Honda airbags taken were not among the millions recalled by the government. 

Police sources tell NBC 4 New York the spree is a case of supply and demand in the neighborhood, where crime is rare. The NYPD said that prior to Monday, there had been only one report of a stolen airbag in the area for the year.

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