Adorable Video of FDNY Firefighter Giving Daughter Pedicure Goes Viral

Being an FDNY firefighter is hard work but being a father might just be harder, just ask Jimmy Howell.

The Queens FDNY fireman on Instagram Friday posted now-viral, adorable videos of him giving his 9-month-old baby girl Kensley a pedicure and her giving him back some attitude.

"We're gonna take care of these dogs, alright?," Howell tells his daughter in one of the videos. "I can tell you've been crawling."

In another video, Kensley didn't seem too happy with the way her dad was filing her nails but Howell quickly put out the fire by telling her: "I'm sorry if I'm rubbing too hard."

"But it's free. So, beggars cannot be choosers, you heard?" he joked.

Howell, who works at Engine Company 294 in Richmond Hills, tells News 4 that Kensley has always been a happy baby.

He's also featured in FDNY's 2020 Calendar of Heroes for the month of March. Howell posed with a dog who had been adopted through Animal Care Centers of NYC in an effort to promote pet adoption throughout the city.

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