New York

Man Opens Mail, Finds Out Someone Used His Identity to Buy Supercar in NYC: Complaint

A man found out that someone had stolen his identity in a pretty shocking way: he opened the mail to find out he was the owner of a $240,000 Acura supercar.

The man allegedly called police when he was mailed paperwork for a 573-horsepower Acura NSX that someone had bought in his name the Plaza Auto Mall in B in March, according to a criminal complaint.

Police later arrested 45-year-old Brian White in the crime after matching him to the person at the dealership that day using facial recognition software.

White faces 17 counts, including grand larceny, criminal impersonation, forgery and identity theft in the case.

His attorney, Mahmoud Rabeh, told DNAinfo that he was confident his client’s "innocence will prevail" after a hearing earlier this week.

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