Accused Serial Cat-Killer Pleads Not Guilty

 If the charges against Sean Lynde are true, they shouldn't lock him up in jail.  They should lock in a room full of cat-lovers.

The Manhattan graphic designer secretly killed at least four cats adopted by his roommate -- who according to the Daily News is his not just a roommate but live-in girlfriend -- slaying the pets even as she unsuspectingly adopted new cats, authorities said today.

Lynde was arrested on Friday on charges including felony animal cruelty. His attorney, Elliot Kay, said he pleaded not guilty at arraignment and was freed on $5,000 bail in a case that shook battle-tested animal workers.

"I've never seen this series of incidents carried out against animals in my experience," said ASPCA Assistant Director Jospeh Pentangelo told the Daily News.

After Lynde moved into the Upper West Side apartment in October, 2008, his roommate's two cats died, one by poisoning, another beaten, said shocked ASCPA agents.

The roommate then adopted two kittens; one mysteriously died in a fall and the other had trouble walking due to trauma and was returned to a shelter. Authorities say the roommate adopted two more cats, but one died of a broken neck and the other vanished.

A tipster notified the ASCPA in January, 2009.

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