Image of Pregnant Trump, Affectionate Putin Decorates Buildings in Chelsea, Williamsburg

New Yorkers were treated to a picture of a very pregnant President Donald Trump carrying the baby of Vladimir Putin Tuesday night.

The interesting image, which shows the Russian leader caressing him and kissing his shoulder, decorated the side of a building on 14th Street and Eighth avenue and a second building on North 6th Street and Wythe Avenue in Brooklyn.

Hater displayed the photo to promote their app using the hashtag #LoveThroughHate. The New York City-based dating app helps users find love through mutual dislikes.

"I'm scared of what's in that belly," said reddit user WikiThreadThrowaway. Another user called the photo "one of the greatest love stories of the 21st century."

Onlookers got a few laughs as they walked through Chelsea and Williamsburg on Valentine's Day.

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