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New Jersey Farm Creates Unique, Jersey-Inspired Ice Cream Flavor — Taylor Ham

A New Jersey farm has taken its state's love for Taylor ham to a whole new level -- by turning it into ice cream.

According to, Windy Brow Farms in Sussex County has created a Taylor ham ice cream flavor, part of the farm's new Only in Jersey ice cream collection.

Knowing that ice cream made only from Taylor ham (or pork roll, if you're from south Jersey) would be pretty unpalatable, managing partner Jake Hunt added a French toast/maple element to the ice cream, creating a "really good balance of super sweet and super salty.''

For those Jerseyans who can't get out to Sussex, Hunt says you can create your own Taylor ham ice cream: simply chop up and caramelize Taylor ham, pop it in the oven and pan-fry it, then toss it with cinnamon and sugar. Then make maple ice cream with local maple syrup, and mix in pieces of Windy Brow's homemade challah bread.

The Only in Jersey collection was created to celebrate Cow's Brow Creamery being part of the farm for five years. It will feature a Jersey-inspired flavor for each year.

The Taylor ham ice cream will be available at least until the end of July, Hunt says. Flavors for the collection are scheduled be introduced every three to four weeks, and will include blueberry, sweet corn and tomato pie.

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