Mets Streaker Dresses for Court Appearance

Another milestone at the new Mets ballpark

A man who dashed across Citi Field last month clad only in a stuffed-animal thong was in court yesterday, as he faced charges of interfering with a professional sporting event and criminal trespass.

Craig Coakley took off from the first base side of the field during the May 12th game against the Braves. He slid into second base before trying to make his escape through center field. He wasn't quite that lucky, however, as he stumbled and was dragged off by security. He's scheduled to be arraigned Wednesday afternoon on charges of interfering with a sporting event.

For those who missed the big event, here's a cleaner video captured by a fan at the game.

Coakley's friend Mike, who didn't give a last name, shot an R-rated video of the streak that's up on YouTube.

"Craig has been dying to do this for years, and we both feel very priveleged to be a part of New York Mets history at Citi Field," said Mike, adding that the two pals live in Whitestone.

Upon charging Coakley, District Attorney Richard Brown said, “The New York Mets do not need fans who break the law."

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