A Look at Rooftop Reds, NYC’s First and Only Rooftop Vineyard

The "world's first rooftop vineyard" has made its way to New York City.

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Rooftop Reds claims to be the "world's first rooftop vineyard," and it's right in Brooklyn. New York City's first vineyard opened last year at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. It features 168 grapevines, snacks, games an outdoor movie screen and more.
What's better than a glass of wine on a nice summer day? A glass of wine while lounging in a hammock.
Rooftop Reds hosts pizza, wine and movie nights on Thursdays and Sundays throughout the summer. For $30, you get a glass of wine, two slices of pizza and admission to a classic movie played on the vineyard's outdoor screen.
Rooftop Reds also features games for visitors to play while they sip on some of their small batch wine.
Rooftop Reds uses urban planter boxes to house their 168 grapevines.
Wine from the NYC vineyard will be available in October. Currently, the bar serves a variety of wines from New York’s Finger Lakes region.
A look at Rooftop Reds' wine menu.
You can also grab some snacks while you sip. The menu includes a variety of meats, cheeses and spreads.
Pictured here is a portion of Rooftop Reds' "Classic Picnic Basket."
Rooftop Reds is open from Wednesday through Sunday. Find out more about the vineyard here.
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