A Cold New Year's Eve in NYC, But Not the Coldest

The weather will be cold for New Year’s Eve celebrations in New York Wednesday night, but far from the coldest ever seen.

Temperatures will dip into the upper 20s, but the wind chills around the time of the ball drop will make it feel more like 15. Hats, gloves, and scarves will be needed outside.

The coldest temperature recorded during the Times Square Ball Drop is 1 degree set back in 1915. In 1997, the harsh wind combined with the 17-degree air temperature to make it feel like 21 below, making it feel like the coldest New Year's Eve ever.

The mildest temperature seen in New York at the time of the ball drop is 58 degrees --  in 1965 and 1972. Temperatures in the 50s were also felt during the 1936, 1978, 1992, 2004, and 2011 ball drops.

In 1948 snow piled up to 4 inches, making it the snowiest New Year’s Eve on record.

It'll be sunny Wednesday despite the cold, and that sunshine returns New Year’s Day with temperatures a touch warmer in the upper 30s. Rain will hold off until Saturday night into Sunday.

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