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Name that Snake: Zoo Announces Top 5 Cobra Names

The names include: Agnes, Cleopatra, Mia



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    Julie Larsen Maher
    There were 33,000 submissions in the contest to name the famous Bronx zoo cobra.

    The Bronx Zoo said 33,000 names were submitted for its contest to name the rare Egyptian cobra that went missing for several days before it was found last week.

    The five finalists are: Agnes, Cleopatra, Subira, Mia and Amaunet -- which means "the female hidden one."

    "We reviewed all the names and picked the most popular and the most appropriate," the zoo said in a statement.

    The winning name is to be announced later this week. You can vote here.

    The 24-inch cobra alarmed zookeepers but caught the attention of people around the world after it escaped from its quarters in the Reptile House. A Twitter account that imagined the snake celebrating its freedom around town attracted more than 235,000 followers.

    "Anybody know any melancholy harmonica songs?" @BronxZoosCobra tweeted Monday.