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Grisly Finding in Yonkers House

Elderly man's remain found in a house of clutter



    Grisly Finding in Yonkers House
    Getty Images / Scott Olson

    Skeletal remains found in a Yonkers home may be those of an elderly man who had been dead for many years, police said Friday.

    A relative told Yonkers police about the dead body in the house and the remains of the 90-year-old were later discovered in a bedroom.

    According to Detective Sgt. Patrick McCormack, a relative who's under psychiatric care told medical workers about the remains. Neighbors described the man's daughter as a hoarder and the inside of the house as a nightmare.

    McCormack said police initially went there Thursday night, but couldn't go in because of clutter, mold and other potential health hazards.

    They returned Friday in protective uniforms. One neighbor said there is a two-foot wide path through the rooms in the house with debris piled to the ceiling on either side.

    Police also found dead rats in the house.  Neighbors say the woman had two big dogs that also have not been seen in years.