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Yankees Get White House Treatment



    The President honored the Bronx Bombers for their 27th World Series win -- despite being a White Sox fan. (Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

    The Bombers have been honored by a Sox fan.

    President Barack Obama greeted the world champion New York Yankees in the East Room of the  White House Monday afternoon, and provided some gentle ribbing.

    "This is a team that goes that goes down to Spring training every year expecting to win it all, and more often than not you guys get preetty close," Obama at the ceremony. "Of course, if I had Rivera I'd get pretty close, too. My White Sox would get close every year."

    "For a White Sox fan like me, it's painful to watch Mariano's cutter when it's against my team, or see the Yankees win the Pennant while the Sox are struggling on the South Side," the President added.

    Girardi: "This Is a Thrill for Us"

    [NY] Girardi: "This Is a Thrill for Us"
    Yanks talk about meeting President Obama and visiting wounded soldiers at Walter Reed Hospital.
    (Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

    The Yankees, their coaches and staff all met with Obama and Biden.

    Manager Joe Girardi presented the President with a #27 jersey (because of their 27 World Series wins), which was signed by the entire team.

    "Being a Yankee is as much about character as it is about performance," said Obama.

    Obama: No Wonder Nobody Roots for the Yankees

    [NY] Obama: No Wonder Nobody Roots for the Yankees
    While holding World Series trophy with Manager Joe Girardi, Obama was teased a little for being a White Sox fan, and gave back as good as he got.
    (Published Wednesday, April 28, 2010)

    When Joe Girardi held the World Series trophy with the President for a photo op, a female sounding voice shouted out, "You want to hold it you may not get a chance to again?"

    The room exploded in "Ooohs" and laughter.

    The president replied, "And you wonder why the other teams don't root for you!" -- which got its own round of guffaws.

    Earlier in the day, members of the team visited war wounded at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.

    The White House visit was the fifth for the Yankees core four — Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and Jorge Posada — who have a handful of championship rings. They've met three presidents — Bill Clinton in the 1990s, George W. Bush in 2001 and now Obama.

    The Yanks won the World Series in six games last year, defeating the Philadelphia Phillies.

    The president and Vice President Joe Biden will have private economic and defense meetings at the White House before and after their Yankees meeting.

    In the evening, the president will deliver remarks at a summit intended to identify ways to strengthen economic ties between the United States and Muslim communities around the world.