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Yankee Fans Stunned By Ruins Of Old Stadium

Tears and fears as the fans face the ruins of the House that Ruth Built



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    Kathleen Connell of Flushing fought back tears as she stared out at the pile of rubble that was once the majestic "House That Ruth Built."

    "This rips my heart out," said the ten-year Yankee season ticket holder from Flushing ."It's hard to look at....It's very hard to look at."

    Many more fans reacted with sadness and anger as they saw what was left of the Stadium that had been the Bronx Bombers' home for more than 80 years. 

    The old Stadium closed after the 2008 season and is now being torn down to make way for a city park. Thousands walked past the ruins on their way to Tuesday's 2010 Yankees' home opener.

    Many had seen photos of the demolition beforehand but admitted that, seeing it in person, had a far greater impact.

    "It's the end of an era," said David Hale of Yorktown.

    "A lot of memories in there," said Romeo Lombardi of Rhode Island. "A lot of great memories."

    Cameras clicked as crowds of Yankee faithful paused to remember cherished moments in the iconic ballpark.  Some wondered why it couldn't have been saved as a museum.

    "Seeing it all dilapidated- it's just terrible," lamented Sean Grant of Wesport, Connecticut.

    "It's a disgrace," said another man as he headed off into the billion dollar palace that saw the Yankees open the season with a 7-5 victory over the L.A. Angels.