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New York City and the nation mark 16 years since the Sept. 11 attacks

World Trade Center Victim List Grows By 1



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    A man who died last year from complications related to inhaling dust when the World Trade Center towers collapsed has been added to the victims' list, the medical examiner said Friday.

    Jerry J. Borg, 63, who worked in an office on Maiden Lane and was caught in the toxic dust cloud on 9/11 is now on the list, bringing the total number of people who died at the trade center in the 2001 attack to 2,753.

    The medical examiner said Borg died of pulmonary sarcoidosis "due to inhalational dust exposure" during the collapse.

    Borg is the third person added to the list who did not die in 2001. Felicia Dunn Jones died in early 2002 and Leon Heyward died in 2009.

    That list of names is read aloud each year at the site on the anniversary of the attacks. The names are also being engraved onto panels that will line the 9/11 memorial being built there, which is set to open on the 10th anniversary this year.

    The National September 11 Memorial & Museum said Friday that Borg's name would be added in time for the anniversary, but did not elaborate.

    The names arrangement is based on a combination of complex algorithms that took into account requests from victims' families regarding so-called "adjacencies," or people they wanted their loved ones grouped with.