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Dog-Beater Swears Off Pets for No Jail Time



    A woman is caught on tape beating her 4-year-old Pomeranian unconscious. (Published Monday, Feb. 8, 2010)

    A woman captured on surveillance hitting her lap dog in a Manhattan elevator won't have to go to jail if she goes without pets for at least five years and meets other requirements.

    Tiara Davis pleaded guilty Wednesday to disorderly conduct.

    A judge agreed to close her case without jail time or probation if she meets certain conditions: Including the pet ban, anger-management training and 100 hours of community service.

    Animal-welfare investigators say the 31-year-old Davis was recorded pummeling her 10-pound Pomeranian, named Sparky, and swinging him by his leash in an elevator in her building in January.

    The 4-year-old dog suffered bruises and possible liver damage.

    An arrest report says Davis told investigators she felt she wasn't really going to hurt Sparky.