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Woman Sues NYC Cafe Over Breast-Feeding Brouhaha



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    A 26-year-old mother faces prison time for breast-feeding her 6-week-old while drunk.

    A Manhattan woman says a restaurant ordered her to leave the premises because she was breast-feeding her 5-month-old infant.

    Julia Acevedo-Taylor has filed a lawsuit against Lily O'Brien's Chocolate Cafe in midtown Manhattan over the incident last year.

    The lawsuit claims that a manager of the emporium ordered Acevedo-Taylor and a friend to stop breast-feeding their babies.

    When they declined, the suit says, they were told "to leave and never come back.''

    A lawyer for Acevedo-Taylor said she and her friend were acting discreetly, and that the pair didn't stop when asked to because "she knew she was within her rights to do this," attorney Adam Polo told the Daily News.

    Cafe owner Cathal Queally said the manager asked the women to cover up after two customers complained. She says they were not told to leave.

    The cafe now has a pink sign in the window that reads: "Breast-feeding welcome here.''