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Woman Finds Refuse in Dad’s Ashes



    Woman Finds Refuse in Dad’s Ashes
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    A Long Island woman discovered glass shards, metal staples and a partially melted crucifix among other debris in her father’s ashes – and now she’s demanding an explanation from the funeral home and crematorium responsible for managing her dad’s remains.

    Jennie Spooner, of Amityville, merely wanted to give her father the send-off he deserved. She dusted some of his ashes on a dinosaur in the Museum of Natural History, attached some to the tail of a kite and spilled some on the water at Canaan Lake as her dad wanted, reports The New York Post.

    Before she could continue spreading her father’s ashes at his favorite haunts throughout the city, Spooner discovered the trash, including pieces of bone and a broom, in his remains.

    Spooner, 52, immediately called Joseph Slinger-Hasgill Funeral Home to complain, but the director blamed the crematorium, reports the Post. Spooner was horrified.

    “My heart was pounding. I said, ‘What the heck is that? A spring? It flipped me out,” said Spooner, whose father died eight months ago from pneumonia and an infection. He was 79.

    Spooner hired an attorney and is considering a lawsuit against the funeral and the crematorium.

    Both the funeral home and the crematorium declined comment when the Post asked for their response.