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What to Watch for in Tonight's Giants Game

There are plenty of reasons to tune in tonight.



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    You can watch the Giants take on the Patriots in New England tonight at 7:30 on NBC.

    It's been a weird week for the Giants, and it doesn't promise to change tonight as they take on the Patriots. With such a short turnaround time from Monday's loss, tonight's game isn't likely to feature many stars, but that doesn't mean it won't be interesting. Players fighting for their jobs will want to put on a show. Here's what to watch:

    A punter's battle? Seriously. A punter's battle: A punter's controversy doesn't happen very often in the NFL, but that's exactly what is going on with the G-Men. Steve Weatherford and Matt Dodge have nearly identical numbers, and will get their last chance to earn a spot on the roster tonight. 

    The battle of the back-up QBs
    : David Carr has performed well for the pre-season, while Sage Rosenfels has to battle strep throat and a back injury. Tonight, he can show that he is worth his $3 million base salary, or can give the Giants reason to look for a cheaper option at third QB.

    Whither thou, tight ends? The Giants are still waiting for a tight end to step up and replace Kevin Boss. Travis Beckum, Bear Pascoe and Jake Ballard have yet to do that. Whoever impresses the most tonight can win the starting spot.

    Performances from players on the bubbles:
    You may be asking yourself, why should I tune in to watch this game when none of the Giants' starters are playing? It's just a bunch of guys fighting to make the team. But that's exactly why you should tune in.

    These are men who are fighting for their paycheck. Fighting for a chance to continue playing a game that they've known since children. Fighting for their dream. This is their chance to impress coaches, scouts and general managers from around the league. It's true that you won't likely recognize the names on the back of their jerseys, but who cares? The effort you see on the field will be the only thing that matters.

    That effort will make it must-see TV.