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Animal Clinic Vandalized With Eggs and Chicken Bones



    West Haven Animal Clinic Vandalized With Eggs And Chicken Bones

    The staff at the clinic had to clean up quit a mess Thursday morning. (Published Thursday, Jan. 5, 2017)

    The West Haven Animal Clinic had quite the mess to clean up Thursday morning after someone vandalized the front entrance on Campbell Avenue overnight with eggs and chicken bones.

    Now, along with clients, the staff is wondering, who would do such a thing.

    “I wish they would have left a note explaining the reason,” the clinic’s veterinarian, Dr. Ralph Padilla, said.

    Joe Tomaso, who brings his service dog Ranger to the clinic, is disgusted by the mess left on the clinic’s front steps.

    “I saw it on social media and it kind of got me irked,” he said, “Ralph goes out of his way to help people, to help the residents, help any animal owner, animal lover.”

    For more than three decades, Dr. Padilla has owned this clinic and cared for animals in the West Haven community.

    “To have something like this happen,” he said, “it’s just strange, it’s hurtful.”

    After discovering the vandalism upon arriving at work around 8 a.m., the staff quickly cleaned up the mess because Dr. Padilla worried a visiting pet might try biting into one of the bones.

    “We had to clean it all up this morning hot water and then we threw some salt down to make sure it wouldn’t get icy,” Dr. Padilla said.

    “To the anonymous giver of the present that was found on the front steps this morning, we would like to, in the spirit of charity, return this gift to you. In light of this new year, we wish that you find love, hope, and forgiveness,” a receptionist posted on the clinic’s Facebook page Thursday.

    The clinic filed a report with West Haven Police, but unfortunately there are no security cameras by the entrance.

    “We’ve been here for 31 years,” Dr. Padilla said. “We’re not here to make enemies. We usually help people all the time so I don’t know where this is coming from, but hopefully it’s a one-time deal and that’s the end of it.”