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Weiner Sexting Partner: I Don't Regret It



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    One of the women who had an online relationship with Rep. Anthony Weiner says she doesn't regret it.    

    Traci Nobles, a physical education teacher for a Christian organization in Athens, Ga., tells NBC's TODAY show she was flattered when Weiner befriended her on the Internet.

    "It was more than just sexual," she said. 

    Besides exchanging sexually-explicit emails, she says they traded music and talked about life in general. They also communicated via Skype.      

    Asked if she's embarrassed, Nobles says, "It is what it is. ... There's nothing I could do about it at this point.''

    But she says she doesn't regret anything. The 35-year-old says she knew the congressman was married but didn't think about his wife.   

    She says if everyone's dirty laundry was aired, everyone would have a lot of embarrassment.     

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