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Baby Abandoned at NJ High School



    Baby Abandoned at NJ High School
    An infant was abandoned on the steps of a New Jersey high school Friday morning.

    Police in Weehawken, N.J., say an infant was apparently abandoned on the front steps of the township’s high school Friday morning.

    The baby, believed to be about one or two months old, appeared to be in good condition apart from a bruise on his head and was taken by ambulance to a nearby hospital, according to Public Safety Director Jeff Wells.

    Wells said that it wasn't clear if the bruise on the baby's head was a sign of abuse or a fall, but that his condition is under investigation.

    The baby's mother was taken into custody by police based on a tip about 10 or 15 minutes after the child was found. Wells said she is 37 years old and appears to have emotional problems.

    "If there was no abuse, I don't think I'm going to charge her," Wells told NBC New York.

    The mother lives a few blocks from the high school, Wells added. It wasn't immediately clear if she has other children.

    School Superintendent Kevin McLellan says a mother of a student at the high school saw the baby wrapped in a blanket and notified authorities.

    "The school nurse did an immediate evaluation to make sure there were no respiratory issues," McLellan said.

    The baby uttered a "healthy cry" and did not appear to be malnourished when the nurse examined him, the superintendent noted.