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We All Scream for Liquid-Nitrogen Ice Cream

Lulu and Mooky's answers the call



    We All Scream for Liquid-Nitrogen Ice Cream
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    Wouldn't it be great if you could have an ice cream cone made to order? Not just mixed with fruit and candy, but actually made from scratch? After all, who wants to eat something out of a giant plastic tub that a pimply faced teenager in latex gloves has been drooling over all day? 

    The problem is that freezing things takes time. But those days are over. Lulu and Mooky's on the LES has harnessed the magic of science and is putting it to good use: making ice cream. Choose between a virtually endless variety of ingredients (owner Seth Tapper recommends chocolate, cayenne, and ginger) and watch as, presto, they are frozen instantly in a fog of liquid nitrogen. Because the final product hasn't been shipped, stored or spent any time at room temperature, the enemy of ice cream--ice crystals--haven't had time to form, making for one super creamy dish. 
    Of course, the trick is nothing new. Pastry chefs love the novelty. At a restaurant outside London for example, waitresses reportedly carry flasks of liquid nitrogen and make "bacon-and-egg" ice cream right at your table.  
    Even if you're the type who is perfectly content with a good old-fashioned pint of Haagen-Daazs, the theatrics of it all (OMG, this is just like on Top Chef) make it worth a try.
    But be aware, they are only open Thursday through Sunday.