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New York City and the nation mark 16 years since the Sept. 11 attacks

9/11 Name-Reading Might Discontinue



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    Alex Salamone, left, Aiden Salamone, right, and sister, Anna, center, lost their father, John Salamone, on 9/11. In this 2008 photo they are participating in the name-reading ceremony marking the seventh anniversary.

    The annual reading of 9/11 victims' names on the attack anniversary may not continue after this year.

    Mayor Bloomberg said Friday he will reach out to the relatives victims to see whether they wish to discontinue the annual readings of the names of the people who perished in the attacks.

    Every ceremony to mark the attacks anniversary has included a reading of the names of the dead. It will also be part of this year's 10th anniversary ceremony.

    Bloomberg says the question of whether to discontinue the tradition has come up before.

    He says some people believe change is good while others think the solemn reading of the each victim's name should go on forever.

    The mayor says the 9/11 memorial foundation will to talk to family members and first responders to gauge their feelings.