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Victim Loses Cool in Police Brutality Trial

Mineo exasperated by defense questioning



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    Mineo gave several TV interviews from a hospital bed the day after the alleged assault took place.

    The man at the center of a police brutality trial repeatedly lost his temper during cross examination Tuesday  saying he was being treated like a liar.

    "I'm the victim," said Michael Mineo, who accuses a Brooklyn police officer of sodomizing him during a drug stop in October 2008.
     "And I'm the one getting treated like I did this to myself," he shouted.

    In another outburst, he admitted that he expected a big financial windfall from the $440 million civil lawsuit he has filed over the alleged attack. 

    "Hell yeah, I'm expecting that money," he said, raising his voice. "I deserve it because I was violated."

    Surveillance Video Shows Mineo Walking Upright After Alleged Attack

    [NY] Surveillance Video Shows Mineo Walking Upright After Alleged Attack
    Surveillance Video from Michael Mineo's police brutality trial.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 29, 2010)

    When defense attorney John Patten asked Mineo to recreate his scream as a retractable police baton was allegedly being thrust into him, he sounded exasperated. 

    "Come on, this is ridiculous," Mineo, 25, said. "Is this serious? This is your best defense? Oh my God."

    He loudly insisted that he wasn't carrying any identification when shown a surveillance videotape that Patten said indicated an officer was inspecting paperwork taken from Mineo's pockets when stopped by police.

    Mineo had testified that he initially ran from police who saw him smoking marijuana in part because he wasn't carrying any identification that afternoon.

    He did reluctantly agree with other images from the video showing him calmly walking upright along Flatbush Avenue in the minutes after the alleged attack. 

    However Mineo smiled when he saw an unmarked black Impala shown passing by him in the video. He claimed the cops involved in the alleged attack were circling the area checking to see that he didn't rat them out.

    Three NYPD officers are on trial for their October 15, 2008 encounter with Mineo, a former tattoo parlor receptionist and admitted Crips gang member.  Officer Richard Kern, faces the most serious charges of aggravated sexual abuse and assault. Two others, officers Alex Cruz and Andrew Morales are accused of covering up the incident. All have pleaded not guilty.

    Mineo's outbursts at times provoked laughter in the jammed Brooklyn supreme courtroom.

    He called one of Patten's questions about underwear "dumbass" prompting a rebuke from Judge Allan Marrus.  "I decide when they are dumbass," said the judge. 

    When the prosecution's case resumed, a witness described seeing Mineo, surrounded by police,  "hysterical -- screaming that they had pushed a walkie talkie up his ass."  Witness Jamal Abdul Farad said he was headed to the Prospect Park subway station where Mineo was allegedly attacked and saw police escorting him away.  Under cross examination, he admitted "I didn't see any blood," on Mineo.
    Another witness, his tattoo parlor co-worker and housemate, Ashley Loney, said she saw blood on his underwear after the alleged attack as they were heading in a cab to Brookdale Hospital.
    After leaving the hospital,  "He was pale... couldn't sleep at night," she said.  "He was miserable.  He had no appetite, he had no spirit."