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Vicious Bronx "Wolf Pack" Gang Tortures Gay Man: Police

Gang known as the "Latin King Goonies" torture 30-year-old man for hours



    Seven alleged members of a Bronx street gang are in jail tonight. Police say they beat and brutalized four people, including one of their own, attacking some of the victims for being gay. (Published Friday, Oct. 8, 2010)

    Members of a Bronx criminal gang beat and tortured a 30-year old man because he had gay sex with one of their recruits, police said Friday. 

    The 30 year-old man was beaten for hours in 1910 Osborn Street, then burned with cigarettes and forced to drink bottles of malt liquor as the suspects hurled anti-gay epithets, NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly said.

    "The assailants hit the man with their fists and a chain, and sodomized him with a small baseball bat," Kelly said. "They force him to consume 10 cans of the malt beverage."

    Kelly referred to it as 9-to-1 "wolf-pack" odds.   The victim was found unconscious and taken to a hospital.

    Investigators said two 17 year-olds were also attacked by the gang members, who call themselves the 'Latin King Goonies."

    After beating the 30 year-old, police said the gang stole his wallet and keys and went to his apartment.  Inside, they found the victim's 40 year-old brother and beat and robbed him, officials said.

    They allegedly stole $1,000 dollars and a flat-screen tv.

    The attacks took place over last weekend.  But police said the victims were afraid to tell all they knew at first.

    Police said they have arrested seven of the nine suspects so far. 

    The assailants scrubbed the scene top-to-bottom with bleach, even repainting the walls to make it look new, police said.

    "They could clean, but they couldn't hide," Kelly said.