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Video of Cops Punching Rutgers Student Sparks Probe

The New Brunswick PD is probing accusations of brutality



    Authorities have launched an investigation after a video was posted online showing a police officer punching a Rutgers University student during an arrest. (Published Tuesday, Feb. 8, 2011)

    The video shows five New Brunswick, New Jersey police officers wrestling with a man they are trying to arrest.

    You can hear one of the officers yell, "Stop resisting."

    With the man face down on the ground, but still squirming, one of the officers starts punching him in the face.

    Police then arrested 20-year old Elliot Marx, a Rutgers University student, and charged him with resisting arrest, aggravated assault, obstruction of justice and possession of a fake ID.

    But after someone posted the video on Youtube, the New Brunswick Police Department is now investigating the actions of its officers.

    Marx's attorney, John Koufos, said after seeing the video, "I believe the police are going to be hard pressed to say those four shots to the face, while this college boy was down on the ground, were justified, but we just don't know yet.

    The incident happened around one in the morning Saturday at the intersection of Stone and Prosper in New Brunswick.

    Someone called the police because of an off-campus party gone wild.

    Police say when they arrived there were dozens of people in the street, some of them fighting and as they tried to break up one of those fights they got into a scuffle with Marx.

    One other person was also arrested.