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Unanswered Questions in the Paterson Mess



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    What did he know?

    Of course we all want to know what Gov. David Paterson knew about the accusations against his aide, David Johnson, and when.
    If Paterson's State Police Superintendent admits he knew about these accusations the day after the alleged incident on Halloween, did he not tell his boss?
    Why did the State Police get involved in a Bronx domestic violence case?

    Why did David Paterson speak to David Johnson's ex girlfriend on the phone? 

    The timing of the governor's Feb. 7 phone conversation with the ex seems quite suspicious because it took place a day after the New York Times visited her home and on the eve of her next scheduled court date, to which she never showed up. 

    At the time, there were rumors wildly circulating that Johnson's ex was dishing to the press about Paterson and women in the executive mansion. Turns out that does not appear to have been her role in this story.

    Today Paterson says the woman actually called him that day to assure him she was not spreading any such rumors about him. What's not clear is whether she also told him what she told the police -- that Johnson had choked her and ripped her clothes off in their Bronx apartment.

    NBC New York has yet to reach Johnson for comment. The aide has been suspended without pay.
    Another major question: Is Attorney General Andrew Cuomo actually going to accept the governor's request to investigate him? Or is Cuomo not completely objective about this because he's about to run for Paterson's job?
    What will Cuomo say about this, given that he refuses to acknowledge his own gubernatorial ambitions? 
    The thought of Cuomo investigating Paterson under the circumstances seems so odd that one has to wonder if Paterson's request was a set up to force him to declare.