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Two Charged With Using Social Media To Pimp Out Girls

Suspects targeted girls as young as 12



    Two Charged With Using Social Media To Pimp Out Girls

    Two teenaged girls from Brooklyn were lured away from their homes through social media and offers of cash and wound up abused and forced into a life of prostitution, according to Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

    The suspect even "branded" the women with his nickname, 'Scooby', officials said.

    NYPD detectives arrested Artic 'Scooby Da Don' Rogers and an alleged associate, Treymaine "Trey" Songster, both from Brooklyn, on Wednesday.

    They are accused of kidnapping the girls -- along with numerous others in recent years -- and forcing them to work as prostitutes.

    Hynes said if the teens did not earn $1,000 dollars a day, they faced threats of being beaten or raped by the suspects.

    "There's few lower than men who coerce young women and girls into prostitution and then profit from their explotation," Hynes said.

    The Brooklyn DA's office had set up a Sex Trafficking Hotline and a call by one of the girl's relatives voicing concern in December led police to finding and rescuing the two teens.

    Investigators said in the past, children as young as 12  were used by the ring. Hynes said the suspects used craigslist and various social media sites to lure girls and also to find 'Johns.'

    On his Facebook page, investigators said Rogers listed his activities as "Pimpin Hoes, Stripping, Travel, Partying."  Prosecutors said he even killed animals in front of the teens warning 'this will happen to you' if they did not follow his orders

    Relatives spoke out at a news conference held on Wednesday but asked they not be named, given the sensitivity of the alleged crimes.

    "It was terrifying," said the mother of a 17 year old victim. "Her sister found out what was happening and she called the hotline."

    The Brooklyn DA has started a campaign to help sexual trafficking victims and to encourage girls to notify the authorities if they are involved.  "Sex Trafficking Is A Crime," the ad reads.  "We Will Protect You."

    Hynes said awareness is key, " we can do everything necessary to contain this terrible, terrible crime."

    Officials said the suspects could face more than 25 years in prison if convicted.